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Bryan Tolentino Workshop and Concert Portland, ME

  • Marine Charitable Mechanic Association 519 Congress Street Portland, ME, 04101 United States (map)

Welcome to Bryan's "Living Room"!

Enhance Listening, Connection and Feeling With Your Ukulele Playing

Prerequisites: To get the most out of this workshop, students should be comfortable with basic chords and a few barre chords.

Why take this workshop: For many people, learning to play the ukulele starts with chords and lyrics on a sheet of paper. It is then up to you and the group you are jamming with to turn a song into an interesting performance, while conveying emotion and inspiration. In this workshop, Bryan will show you tools and processes to help you take your songs to a higher level. Perfect for players looking to improve comping and listening skills!

What is Bryan teaching: In an ensemble setting, he'll work on how to listen more to others and create different rhythms and dynamics that complement the song and performance. By introducing different physical and mental thought processes, he'll guide you in adding layers to your playing while increasing your musical awareness. You'll learn various ways of experimenting and listening to help you develop your playing style with others or as a soloist. With this approach, you should be able to develop musical awareness to make choices while playing in real time.

$30 for both the hour-and-a-half workshop and the concert which will follow the workshop; payable at the ballroom door.